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Adam WarRock: Overly-Enthusiastic Hip-Hop For Us

Written by John W. Enfield

If you are reading this article, Adam WarRock’s music is for you.  Even if hip-hop isn’t your main jam, you’ll find at least one of Adam’s songs that resonates with you. Why? Because among the beats that will make you want to dance (and the catchy hooks,) you’ll hear lyrics about something that you’re into.  Whether it’s super heroes, science fiction, fantasy, technology, or geek culture, you’ll find songs that’ll make you hit the track-back button to hear it again.

Each song (and the still-growing discography is impressive) has its own identity with different music styles; no two songs sounding quite alike.  The styles run the full spectrum of hip-hop with some even pushing the envelope of the genre.  One thing each song has in common is Adam’s amazing poetry sung or rapped in clever rhythms.  If you’ve never heard someone wax poetic about Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Cowboy Bebop, Magic The Gathering, Justice League, Avengers, or Squirrel Girl, you’ll be astounded.  There are also songs with personal stories about being bullied, being shunned by the “cool kids,” having nerdy friends, being blown away by cool movies, television shows, comic books, and more.

Some songs are funny and a bit sweet like “Rather Hang With You (Than Play More Pokemon)” or “Less Than Three.”  Others have surprising topics, such as “Objection! Phoenix Wright” or “Kingsway West,” prompting you to say “Wow! A song about that?”  Then, there are some songs that perfectly capture what is cool about the subject like “Purple and Yellow (Batgirl)” or “Krypton (Superman).”  There are even songs with a more serious edge like “Oppenheimer” or “John Boyega.”  Something for everyone.

Perhaps most amazingly, you can listen to most of his songs on his website, or his YouTube channel for free.  Some songs are even free to download, as he’s proudly indie.  If you find songs that aren’t on the long lists of free songs, they can be had a la carte or in entire digital albums through Bandcamp.  Should you have the opportunity to hear Adam WarRock in person at a comics convention or concert, you’ll also see his albums on compact disc.

Adam WarRock with Kirby Krackle by Seattle Geekly on

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