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Book Retort: POSTAL #17

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Written by Robert Smith

Postal 17

(Or how I embraced my teenage power fantasy of replacing my father.)

Postal is an ongoing comic series published by Top Cow. The creators of the comic are Matt Hawkins and Bryan Hill. This is now Bryan Hill’s sixth consecutive issue of Postal as the sole writer. Matt Hawkins was an original member of the Image Comics squad during their first launch. He is now President and COO of Top Cow, and still writing Think Tank. Bryan Hill is now story editor for Top Cow.

The art (handled by Isaac Goodhart) is tight and clean with a strong attention to detail. It is reminiscent of Steve Dillon’s Preacher art, with the colors cleaned up. A slight anime influence is present in some of the panels. Usage of background colors to set the mood of particularly impressive scenes is well-done.

Postal’s story is set in a small town called Eden, in Wyoming. Eden is a small off-the-grid town set up for the sole purpose of hiding criminals from the outside world. The town was founded by Isaac Shiffron, who was assaulted and nearly killed by his wife (Laura) 10 years before.  Laura, now the mayor of the town, is raising her son Mark (who has Asperger’s). Mark is the town’s Postmaster (ergo “problem solver”) and heir-apparent to his mother Laura.

Issue 17 starts with a recap of the past few issues (as a caveat this is the only issue of the series I have read, so I am unfamiliar with previous story arcs.) Eden has just survived an assault. Mark has proven himself in defense of the town. Mark moved to the position of Mayor (albeit temporarily,) appointed by his mother, in an effort to see if he has what it takes to continue as mayor in the future. You’ll see a sub-plot involving an FBI agent, in which questions are raised. What is punishment? What is justice? While not exactly its theme per se, the “punishment vs. justice” situation is an a undertone here.

Overall, good art with an interesting story. It may not turn out to be one of the all-time must-read comics, but it’s still worth a read.


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