Princess Bride Box Art

The Princess Bride RPG-The Battle of Wits Comes to You

Toy Vault, a company that specializes in merchandise for many cult fandoms, announced the release of The Princess Bride RPG in 2017. Toy Vault isn’t new to creating games for The Princess Bride property having made Storming the Castle and Princess Bride-opoly. However, an RPG is branching out for the company, although they have some familiar names working on it.

Storming the Castle board game

Storming the Castle board game @ Toy Vault

Creating an RPG tied into a popular license is always a sort of hit or miss for consumers. However, I feel it’s promising that there is new artwork being done for it, rather than just recycling the same promotional images and screen shots that have existed since the 80s. The Drew Struzan like box art is quite stunning and a welcome departure from a lot of the current game art. Attention to the art usually speaks to the attention the design of a game overall. So I’m making my view on this subject, one of my top ten favorite movies, as tentatively encouraging. I want it to be good and do well.

To be otherwise would be…



(You all expected me to say, “Inconceivable” right? Well, sorry. I refrained from using that particular phrase in any play on words, purposely. Get used to disappointment.)

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