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30 Ways To Ring In The New Year

Before you do any of this, remember to roll a d30.

  1. Make toasts from a drinking horn, instead of a wine glass.
  2. Roll a d4, and make that many toasts.
  3. Scream a Klingon Death Howl for the end of the old year.
  4. Utter a quote from a Monty Python’s Flying Circus episode that you’ve never uttered before, and do it with gravitas.
  5. Make party foods taken from recipes from Leaves of the Inn of the Last Home.
  6. Listen to your favorite movie soundtrack.
  7. Make party crackers with paper helmets and geeky puns inside.
  8. Count your dice.  And, if you have more dice than you thought you did, congratulate yourself.
  9. If you have less, make buying more dice an easy resolution for the next year.
  10. Impress your friends by pretending that the ball which drops in Times Square NYC gets a continual light spell cast upon it when it reaches the bottom at the end of the countdown.
  11. Debate time travel, time zones and that some have already started the new year and some have not yet begun.
  12. When the countdown starts, from 10 down to 1, have a d10 handy, and film yourself turning each side of the d10 from 10 to 1, together with the countdown as it happens.
  13. Use d20 treasure charts and roll a die to determine your fortune in the new year.
  14. Keep a d20 handy (or 3d6 if that’s your preference,) so you can roll a CON check after each finishing each celebratory drink.
  15. Make 10 different appetizers and all your guests must roll a d10 to see which type they get to eat each time.
  16. Save boxes containing tall bottles of liquor, and construct epic dice towers for you and your pals.
  17. Launch confetti and streamers while shouting magic words. Make all your guests save vs strength to see if they are free from your web.
  18. Make sure to have plenty of pearls, owl feathers, goldfish and wine handy, in case you’ll need to identify any mysterious unopened gifts.
  19. Put wings on your cat and announce the new year being blessed by a Tressym.
  20. Enjoy a televised marathon of your own, by selecting any one of the many television seasons on dvd (or blu-ray) from your own collection and binge-watch til daybreak.
  21. Take your unluckiest dice and place them on pieces of paper listing their resolution to roll fewer single digits in the new year.
  22. Dress up like a xorn and eat candy that resembles precious gems.
  23. Parties are better with swords.
  24. Enjoy a handful of Cheetos and wash it down with a tall glass of Mountain Dew.
  25.  If a friend seems overly tipsy, say to them, “You shall not pass…out!” then give them some water and snacks.
  26. Pretend to cast a cantrip on someone when they least expect it.
  27. Set up photos of your pets with RPG accessories and post them as party photos.
  28. Split the party.
  29. Meet at a tavern.
  30. When you finally do get around to sleeping, remember to sleep with a set of polyhedral dice underneath your pillow. For style points, you can even keep the celebration going by sleeping with a d4 underneath your pillow on the 4th day of the new year, d6 on the sixth day, d8 on the 8th day, and so on.

Have fun and hope your new year is a good one!

-A collaborative effort between Chandra Reyer and Timothy Connolly

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