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Fun with magic potions

1e AD&D tabletop RPGers at the Legendary Realms hobby shop on Long Island were asked to think of wild original ideas for magic potions, and here’s a peek at what popped up:

Potion of Thirst
Upon drinking this potion, the drinker must immediately find or acquire another potion to satisfy their thirst, thereby negating the first thirst.

Potion of Pom-Pom-Pomeranian
This strawberry-scented pink potion will turn its imbiber into a small yapping dog for 1d12 hours. Only Druids and characters who can read magic are able to understand and/or communicate with the dog.

Potion of Ahhhhhhhh
Upon quaffing this potion, its drinker forgets why he or she drank it.

Eau d’Otyugh
This potion looks like an innocent bottle of water or other perfectly clear beverage and is just as tasteless and unscented. Upon imbibing, the imbiber immediately begins to sweat profusely. The sweat that is produced carries with it a horrifying stench, reminiscent of the body odor of an Otyugh. This effect lasts 1d12 hours. Any creature within a 15-foot radius of the affected must make a saving throw against poison or be completely overcome by violent retching for 1d4 rounds. During this time, the character(s) or creature(s) so affected is (are) unable to take any other action and temporarily lose 2 CON for 1d4 hours.

Poe of Joe
Increased energy 1d6 times equivalent to that of a shot of caffeine.

Ambiguaa’s Hunting Delight
For 1d4 hours, the drinker of this potion will emit the foul odor of the animal that its drinker would like to hunt.  This foul stench attracts the species to you, if it is mating season.  Drinking this potion also attracts predators of the species.  Caution is advised.

Potion of Facebook notifications
This potion’s drinker will instantly receive 1d100 notifications to make their phone explode. Also known as the Samsung Note 7 potion.

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Feel free to enjoy using use any of these potions in your tabletop RPG sessions!
(yes, even the Potion of Facebook notifications)

Got a fun idea for a magic potion?  Let us know, in the comments section below!

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