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On Campaign Journals

There’s never been a better time to start keeping a campaign journal than right now.

If you are the DM (or the GM,) and you are already keeping a campaign journal, awesome!

Tabletop rpg enrichment happens in many ways.  This is one of those ways.

John Fourr’s extraordinary Roleplaying Tips blog gives delightful tips for the keeping of a campaign journal.

The fun folks at the Frontier Islands blog have made campaign journals a specialty of theirs.

Let the good times role!  –TC

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    Michael “Zudrak” Gross

    Right on. Just today, I entered details into’s Campaign Logger for the first time. I’m still working my way around it, as I don’t fully grok it yet. Then, the other day, I purchased’s “Deal of the Day,” Fat Goblin Games’ World Building Journal. I’ll give that a shot eventually. All that to say, you are correct. There are plenty of ways to keep a campaign journal — sometime in two ways because writing by hand can be done to record thoughts and memories before they are lost to time before inputting via digital methods later.

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