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Happy Birthday! Dave Arneson

Today marks what would have been the 69th birthday of Dave Arneson, the creator of the Blackmoor dungeon, which was the first RPG campaign, and what would later become Dungeons & Dragons. It also marks the conclusion of the third of three Read an RPG Book In Public Weeks held every year.

Part of the celebration this year is the release of a trailer for an upcoming documentary on Arneson and Blackmoor.

Havard, a fan of Blackmoor had the honor of the official announcement on his blog, Havard’s Blackmoor.

The trailer gives a quick glimpse to set the stage for what one can expect in the movie. The original players of what are now legendary characters from the birth of RPG’s. They talk and laugh and smile about the things they did in game, just like the rest of us do when recounting great moments from games we have played.

If you want to get notified when the movie is released, you can sign up for the mailing list at the movie’s website here.

You can enjoy the trailer below:

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