A small section of Ryan Devoto's RPG diorama

Ryan Devoto’s Devotion to World Building

This seems to be the year that miniatures come to the forefront of tabletop gaming. Stefan Porkorny of Dwarven Forge gets a documentary that’s made it to Netflix, 3d printing becomes more accessible with files available online and we get to see the epic expanse of Ryan Devoto‘s diorama.

Much has already been said by other websites regarding the extent of Devoto’s build, which uses a combination of pieces from Dwarven Forge, Terranscapes, Foundry, Reaper and pretty much every name in miniatures. The photos that have appeared online don’t really do it justice. The video on the other hand is over an hour long and goes into every minute detail. If you can’t get enough of this tiny adventurer’s paradise, the video is the way to go.

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