Game School #9: Fringeworthy

Game School #9: Fringeworthy

Game School talks with Bruce Sheffer lead designer for Tri Tac Games – Fringeworthy. Fringeworthy is a SciFi RPG that allows players to adventure in any world or setting. It’s a pan dimensional romp through a million million worlds. A cross between Sliders and Stargate – except it came out long before either of these properties were ever dreamed of.

Bruce runs Satine through an encounter on an alternate Earth to study an Aztec temple that is still active. She will be put through the mental ringer as reality itself seems to go sideways. Will she discover the secret of this place and these people or become their next victim? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Hosted by Satine Phoenix and Chad Parish, and co-produced by Peter Bryant and Chad Parish. Let us introduce you to your new favorite game.


Twitter: @SatinePhoenix @ChadParish1 @TSRGameSchool
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