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You Like RPGs, So What Now?

I admit it, there are always more games than I can play. The imaginations of game designers far exceeds the amount of time and money I have to spend on games. This became even more apparent when I started introducing the next generation to RPGs. It’s inevitable that once you hook someone on the concept, they immediately want to see what else is out there beyond the game you used to teach them.

I also have access to a very big game store, so the number of choices can be overwhelming. What’s the system like? Is this any good? If it’s good, will I even like it? Will my players like it? Fortunately today, Google exists, which can help me narrow down my choices and keep up with what’s out there. Most recently I went on this quest for the next RPG and stumbled across Erik Schmidt’s website and a very useful blog post with 54 RPGs to try that I’m going to bookmark. There’s enough variety here for me to choose a number of things that will interest my players and myself. (I can also use it as proof that the new Star Wars RPG is something we should play, and we don’t have to look for the old West End books.)

Star Wars RPG

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion. Fantasy Flight Games

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    Timothy Connolly

    As a 1st edition AD&D loyalist, I mostly just role with that, but I still always enjoy listening to friends discuss other tabletop rpg systems. Being a good listener is very rewarding.

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      Chandra Reyer

      It’s The Source Comics and Games in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. That’s actually all I could fit into the frame. It continues on behind where I was standing and to the side in spinner racks and shelves.

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    John Enfield

    I get a bit overwhelmed sometimes too and I’m really into RPGs. I’m so glad that tabletop RPGs and board games are popular again and that they survived what seemed like the domination of video games (which I also love) that seemed about to kill them off in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Now, I live in a big town that has several active gaming stores with board game and RPG events going on every week. These games are even starting to show up in the big box stores to some degree. It’s more than I can keep up with by personally playing each one of them too, but I still love reading about them and listening to people talk about them. I have learned a few of the ones newer than D&D, such as Savage Worlds and Pathfinder and am now really into the hybrid games that blur the lines between RPG, wargaming and board games such as the Dungeon Command, Adventure Game System, and Magic the Gathering Planeswalkers. Those hybrid games hit the sweet spot for me since I’ve always loved aspects of each of the game types that they used. Reminds me a bit of the kitbashed games my friends and I made when we were kids, only much prettier looking.

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