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30 Ways to Celebrate Gary Gygax Day

Roll a d30

  1. Read an adventure module.
  2. Paint a minifig.
  3. Wear a Hawaiian shirt.
  4. Draw a map on graph paper.
  5. Create a magic item.
  6. Roll each and every one of your dice, just because.
  7. Introduce a younger player to the older ways of the hobby.
  8. Hug a DM.
  9. Mend your battle-tested and time-worn Trampier DM screen, with Scotch tape or whatever means are available to you.
  10. Go for a walk in the woods, imagining that you are on an adventure.
  11. Visit your local library, see if they have any Gary Gygax books there. Remember to thank them if they do.
  12. Read a Finieous Fingers comic.
  13. Roll up a new character, with the GP Adventures character sheet.
  14. Create a bunch of fun Achievement Cards for your players to unlock.
  15. Write an encounter for your next tabletop rpg adventure.
  16. Share a hobby-related story with anyone who’ll listen.
  17. Read the 1979 Dungeon Masters Guide.
  18. Visit your local archery range, or rifle range, and partake.
  19. Enjoy reading a Gord novel.
  20. Turn to a random page in Gary Gygax’s Extraordinary Book of Names, point to a random name on that page, and have that be your nickname for the remainder of the day.
  21. Rearrange your shelf (or shelves) of tabletop rpg books, in chronological order.
  22. Relax and enjoy a viewing of FUTURAMA S02E16.
  23. Go outside and pretend that you are a treant.
  24. Whilst shopping for new clothes, ask the clerk if they carry any shirts that improve your armor class.
  25. Get a tattoo that says SIWDCCh.
  26. Book a flight to Lake Geneva WI, then go and see the sights.
  27. Admire a map of the World of Greyhawk.
  28. Read an early issue of The Dragon magazine, from cover to cover (even the adverts.)
  29. Make a list of all the old-school D&D adventure modules that you’d like to try.
  30. Use your imagination.
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  1. Avatar
    Michael “Zudrak” Gross

    Read some of the archived Gary Gygax Q&A threads at either or EN

    1. Avatar
      Timothy Connolly

      Ahoy there, Zudrak!
      Thanks for chiming in. Yes, I have seen some of those archives at Dragonsfoot, and I think they belong in the Smithsonian.

    2. Avatar

      I had those bookmarked eons ago, then the links changed, websites went offline, and I lost all of ’em.

      Would be nice to see the links again.

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