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Knight Moves

Daniel Jaquet of the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science recently applied the scientific method to the question of how well knights could actually move in armor. The idea of the knight who was too heavy to even mount a horse has been known to be a myth for some time. In Jaquet’s study, though, he records exactly how much a knight was able to move in full armor. The answer is that they had full range of movement. The armor, while heavy, didn’t impede the wearer too much. There was extra energy needed to carry the weight around, something that shouldn’t have been a problem for knights who were physically fit or people in general during a time of less sedentary jobs and hobbies.

The researches recorded a video of a volunteer in early 15th century armor to demonstrate the range of motion and maneuverability based on the recorded deeds of the famous knight known as “Boucicaut”.

The abstract and the full study can be found online here.

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