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Q&A with Pat Brosseau

It’s not every day that we get to enjoy seeing letterer Pat Brosseau chime in on all things indie comics, so let’s do this, with relish.


Q:  What makes for good comic book lettering?

PB:  Good comic book lettering should be as unobtrusive as possible, legible, and blend well with the artwork, so everything looks great together as a whole.


Q:  Hand lettering or digital lettering, do you have a preference?

PB:  Fifteen years ago, I probably would have said hand lettering, but now that I do mostly digital lettering, I would have to say digital. Although, in the last year or so, I have been drawing a lot of sound effects (and some balloons) in Manga Studio, which is still digital, but I’m drawing them by hand.


Q:  Which sound effects that you’ve drawn by hand recently are you most happy with, and in which books do they appear?

PB:  I did a nice RRREEEIII!! In Birthright #17, a nice SHMRSH! In Manifest Destiny #20, and a nice TTHOOOOMMM in Aquaman Rebirth #1.


Q:  What projects are you currently working on?

PB:  Manifest Destiny, Birthright, a secret book for Skybound, Axcend, Aquaman, Court of the Dead, a secret graphic novel for Legendary, and a few other things here and there.


Q:  Ooohhh a secret graphic novel for Legendary, eh?  What a fun publishing house that is.  What do you enjoy most about working together with those folks?

PB:  They’re very easy and fun to work with. The titles I’ve done so far with them are totally different from other titles out there.


Q:  How might you explain the craft of lettering to an attentive class of eager freshmen in high school?

PB:  Good lettering is an art, when done well, and should be appreciated as such. It shouldn’t overpower the reader, or detract from the art. It should blend well with the art.


Q:  Which indie comics are you most looking forward to reading this year?

PB:  Southern Bastards, Paper Girls, Manifest Destiny, Birthright, Monstress, Saga, Love and Rockets.





Q:  Paper Girls has been called a “Stand By Me meets War Of The Worlds.”  What is it, about this kind of storytelling, that you find most appealing?

PB:  In a way, it’s both nostalgic to those two classic stories, but brings a freshness to the “kids versus mean, scary things,” a la The Goonies.


Q:  Saga sure seems to be growing in popularity more and more each year.  What do you suppose is the secret to its success?

PB:  Great space opera/soap opera story with fantastic artwork, and it’s totally different than a lot of stuff out there.


Q:  What do you suppose brick-and-mortar comic book shops could do more of, to remain relevant in these digital times?

PB:  Have a wide variety of titles, not just the Big Two, have a young readers section, have a lot of signings and appearances by creators.


Q:  What are some of the indie titles that you would recommend for younger readers?

PB:  I Hate Fairyland (maybe a little older for that one), New Brighton Archeological Society, Bone, Adventure Time.


Q:  With so much fabulous graphic lit to choose from these days, tell us some of your.favorites?

PB:  Watchmen, Maus, Ghost World, The Dark Knight Returns, God and Science, Batman: Year One


Q:  We love that you mentioned Maus.  That comic does many things well.  What is it about that particular comic that really ensnares you its tractor beam?

PB:  It’s a really captivating story told in a highly original way.


Q:  Five dinner guests.  Which five living creators of indie comics would you invite to a dinner party?

PB:  Juanjo Guarnido, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Jaime Hernandez, Robert Crumb, Daniel Clowes


Q:  Blacksad (with art by Juanjo Guarnido) is a fine example of just how good a 1940’s noir setting can be.  How would you explain Guarnido’s art to those who might not have seen it before?

PB:  Kind of like Disney’s Zootopia but on acid—and for adults!


Q:  What hasn’t happened yet, in graphic lit, that you would love to see happen next?

PB:  Maybe a graphic novel that celebrates comic books and also tells the history of comic books.


Q:  That’s a phenomenal idea.  What could such a comic book be called?

PB:  The Great American Comic Book Book 😉


Q:  [Role play}  You’re flying a helicopter, when you suddenly see a UFO.  What do you do?

PB:  Follow that UFO!


Q:  That’s the spirit!  You see the UFO land in a large field of wheat nearby.  Now what’s your plan?

PB:  I wait for the aliens to emerge from their ship and I hand them a stack of comic books…and then we sit around and read them together.


Q:  What are you most looking forward to this summer?

PB:  Spending more time with wife and year-old daughter. Lettering more great books…and possibly having a few days off!




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