Dying Fantasy Quotes Volume 1

Fantasy Edition: Dying Quotes Volume 1

Sometimes you just need to add something fun to that last moment before a fantasy character bites the dust. Presented here are 20 options, all randomized by that d20 that probably didn’t roll the right number to keep your character alive.

Roll 1d20 if your character gets killed. These are their last words:


2: I’ve been Kask’d!

3: It’s only a flesh wound!…that’s bleeding out…oh bollocks!

4: It stings, it stings!

5: Bloody dragon droppings!

6: Kiss my asp!

7: Tell Pigzy…cough cough….I love her.

8: Tell Krammit cough cough…I love him.

9: Oh Bullywug!

10: To be, or not to….oh cripes……

11: et tu (nearest character to the dying character)

12: Mentzer was right…cough cough…..no dragon is trustworthy.

13: The Beholder can’t do that!…cough cough…..ugh

14: cough cough….gack gack….cough cough…gack gack

15: Cucumber soup!

16: Oh goblin turd!

17: This is it!

18: Use your damn resurrect spell!

19: NO! It took me an hour to create this character! (throws character sheet at DM)

20: NO! This is MY favorite character with all the cheats! God armor and weapons! Chastity Belt of Immortality! Ear plugs of Lord Snorzlot! Outfit of Infinite Jaysons! ARGHHHH!!!!!!!

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  1. John Enfield
    John Enfield

    I love this! Very funny! As per #13, when I DM, the beholders my adventurers encounter often vary significantly from what the published text says they can do. Surprise! When you have players who know the books well, you have to shock them somehow. 🙂

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