What’s on your shelf? : A Vintage Board Game Collector

Welcome to “What’s on your Shelf.” This series features the analog games of those who send in pictures of their shelves to gamemaster@multiverse.world. Today we feature this image sent in by reader Rick Koeppen.

Rick says:

“I’ve been seriously collecting modern and vintage board games for the past seven years, beginning in 2009 with the tabletop miniature rule set ‘Hordes of the Things’. I had grown up with Magic: The Gathering and Mage Knight (the collectible miniature skirmish game) and after several years of not doing much gaming at all, I had the itch to see what was out there. Hordes of the Things was a great, simple ruleset and upon discovering it I fell into the gaming pit of no return. I suddenly wanted to seek out older and older fantasy themed games, as early on as I could, in some attempt to have my own personal collection of the history of fantasy gaming. I gathered several Avalon Hill titles like Wizards and Dark Emperor. Some of my favorites that I sought out were Barbarian Prince, Divine Right, Swords and Sorcery, and just recently I found one of my grail games, Kings & Castles from Athena Games circa 1980. Eventually my collection took a modern turn as I discovered designer board games like Agricola. I haven’t looked back.”


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