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Eventually an RPG is developed for pretty much every licensed property with any popularity that a player could want. The games and how the license is treated varies. Some are very good systems on their own and some are just there to be tie-ins. Sometimes, though, you just want to play your favorite characters in a system you already have extensive rules and a lot of books for. That’s why I’ve been enjoying author Ailea Merriam-Pigg’s  Geek and Sundry character sheet conversions to Fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. I may not always agree with what they’ve created, but they’re fun to look at and if I really want to play the characters, I have a base to make my own conversions without starting from scratch.


A few of my favorite conversions:

Harry Potter

Luna character sheet

Luna Lovegood by 2016

Harry Potter character sheets.

Of course! I’m surprised there hasn’t been an actual official Harry Potter RPG, but there’s no end to the creativity of fans trying to make it one.

Cereal Mascots

Character sheets are grrrrrreat!

Tony the Tiger

Tony the Tiger character sheet 2016

I admit, I wouldn’t have thought of this immediately myself, but now that I have been exposed to the idea I do want to play Tony the Tiger in an adventure campaign. The world these characters would inhabit would be rather insanely fun in the right hands.

Sailor Moon

Character sheets, make-up!

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon character sheet 2016

There was a Sailor Moon RPG in 1999 from Guardians of Order, which no longer exists. In order to play it, I need the core rulebook for the Big Eyes, Small Mouth game, alas it’s out of print. So these work as a great starting point, even if I’m not entirely in agreement everything about these. It also works well for introducing kids, especially girls to RPGs and the monster of the week format of the cartoon makes for good beginner adventures.


I recommend checking out what is being converted at Geek & Sundry. I’m sure they aren’t stopping soon. You may be inspired to convert some of your own or to let any younger players you are introducing to have a hand at converting. It’s always good to make younger/newer players have a more interactive experience with tabletop games other than monster bashing, which they get in video games already. Customizing games is what they like, so let them do it in tabletop games, too!

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