Millar’s Reborn Coming In October

Earlier this month, it was announced at Millarworld that REBORN is nearing completion.  Eager readers are chomping at the bit for this one.  It features writer Mark Millar (SUPERCROOKS) and illustrator Greg Capullo (SPAWN.)  What’s not to like about that?

Millar says “Just completed the script for the final issue of REBORN, my big October launch with the legendary Greg Capullo. Here’s what I’m up to next and here’s the ad for REBORN to keep you peeps going in the meantime.”

Millar also says “It’s not Heaven. It’s not Hell. It’s as real and hard as where we live now, but filled with the most amazing fantasy landscapes, jaw-dropping creatures and a battle raging between good and evil. The people she loved are in this world — her father and her childhood dog — but oddly, not her husband who had passed over 14 years before. So she sets out to find him. She realizes that she has been reborn as a 25 year-old woman with a sword in her hand and (a) gun (at) her hip.”

REBORN chronicles the adventures of Bonnie Black, an eighty-year-old woman, who pays the debt that cancels all others and somehow becomes young once more, in a strange reality quite unlike anything that we’ve ever known (or that we were ever meant to know.)  Will Bonnie survive this?  Will she somehow find her lost husband?  What happens then!?


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