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Catching Up With Legendary TSR Artist Darlene

Darlene is known for her illustrations of the first edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons as well as her maps of Greyhawk. The unicorn that greeted everyone on the title page of the Player’s Handbook was her work. She is also an accomplished calligraphist who did many logos as well as lettering for a lot of TSR products until she parted with the company.

In a post on Dragon’s Grumbles, Tim Kask catches up with Darlene and finds out more about her return to the world of fantasy art.  In the interview, Darlene talks about the new fantasy RPG, Mythos Arcanum by Joe Aragon, that brought her back into the RPG fold. How she dealt with and loves using the computer for art (she only has a mouse, no stylus or tablet!) Her ideas regarding page and cover design. Graphic designers and artists will love the part where she explains using white space and composition in typography, complete with a graphic she made to demonstrate what she means. She spends plenty of time talking about Mythos Arcanum as well and why this particular game would be the one that could convince her to return to doing fantasy RPG illustration once more.

Darlene is offering some special editions of Mythos Arcanum on her website which will include hand-lettered ex libris book plates.


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