Festival international des jeux Cannes 2014 - 06 by Stéphane Gallay CC BY 2.0. See Original

Analog Games in Pop Culture : The Cannes Games Festival Celebrates its 30th Year

The Cannes Games Festival is the second largest convention celebrating board games in Europe.

Many attendees are seeking to break into the industry.

In the past, authors like Antoine Bauza—known for 7 Wonders (2010) and Hanabi (2010)—or Bruno Cathala—creator of Five Tribes (2014) and Cyclades (2009)— started their careers by showing their first prototypes during these sessions, and so now many of the attendees are looking to follow that same path.- The Future of Board Games According to the Cannes Games Festival, Kill Screen

The article also tackles industry trends disrupting traditional paths taken by board game designers. A great read for those interested in learning more about the business.

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