Art from "Desitny" by SM Vidaurri, Josh Zingerman, Ayşegül Sınav and Tamás Vargas. See Original

Analog Games in Pop Culture: Mourn Your Character’s Demise in the Death Saves Anthology

Josh Trujillo successfully kickstarted and published the analog gaming anthology “DEATH SAVES: Fallen Heroes of the Kitchen Table” in 2015. Participants were asked to share the death of their characters for inclusion in a graphic novel.

It is a bitter thought. Still, I think it is cool that we like to share stories. Not only of our glorious victories but also our critical fumbles.

“Stories for the submissions can be funny, or tragic, or romantic, or whatever. Every gaming table is different. However, one constant is that the real relationships between players impact their fantasy characters’ fates as much as the dice.”

Josh is now prepping for the second volume by accepting pitches.

Submit your story for Death Saves 2.

I hope you will submit your story for future publication. The deadline is July 1st.

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