The Tombs of the Whispering Worms Map by Matthew Lowes

The Tombs of the Whispering Worms

Artist Matthew Lowes and writer Mark Chance (Spes Magna Games) have joined forces to bring us The Tombs of The Whispering Worms; a wild new adventure for fantasy medieval tabletop rpg enjoyment.  Whilst intended for use with Swords & Wizardy, the adventure is easily adaptable for any tabletop rpg, and can be placed into any campaign setting or sandbox.  Brave adventurers who enter and survive for long enough will discover a “reverse dungeon,” bugbears, goblins, giant wasps, a torture chamber, and a Frozen Concoction.  A fun challenge for even the most seasoned of players!

To download The Tombs of the Whispering Worms, click HERE.

To visit the Matthew Lowes website, click HERE.

To visit the Spes Magna Games website, click HERE.

To visit the Swords & Wizardry website, click HERE.

And, as an added bonus for all you lucky Multiverse visitors, another of Matthew‘s maps appears below (with his permission,) for further tabletop rpg enjoyment.  Perhaps it exists beneath the Grand Staircase?  If you do make good use of this bonus map, kindly remember to let us know how it went.

Let the good times role!  And, as Mark Chance would say, “Grab those dice! Gird your loins! Tonight, evil loses!”




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