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Poultrycanon’s Tiny Panic Room: The Mark of Exile

About the Mark of Exile:

The venerable sages at the College of Obscure and Peculiar Texts (located right next to the Viinnco’s in Waterdeep’s scenic dockside marketplace, just upstairs from Mad Tshang’s All-You-Can-Stomach Crab Feed and Beer Hall) have been once again poking around in the Tiny Panic Room furiously attempting to decipher the scrawls, scrimshaws, decorative stains, and etchings of the fashionably late Poultrycanon to bring you yet another spell prized pearl like from his absurd collection of mystical flim-flammery: the dreaded Mark of Exile.

According to Degan the Smallish, He of the Unpardonable Student Loans, the spell came, like most of Poultrycanon’s spells did, from his fevered and hallucinogenic mushroom inspired dreams. This one involved a massive caterpillar, a small boat filled with daisies, and a trio of dead and faceless jesters playing a jug and fiddle version of Heward Sangobin’s Street Opera for Kobold and Apple Chutney. The spell was apparently from some far off place at the edge of the known world and was used as a common form of punishment for the worst lawbreakers and malcontents.

It is rumored that Poultrycanon used the spell himself to enforce the laws of the land on the miniature-city of intelligent crayfish he kept in a pocket dimension housed within an old rum bottle he kept on his night stand.

Here it is, then, the Mark of Exile as adapted from the original collection of wood shavings upon which it had been lovingly if haphazardly engraved.

Mark of Exile

5th-level abjuration (ritual)

Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (the city, town or village’s foundation stone, city hall, palace courtyard, or chamber of commerce)
Duration: Until dispelled

The Mark of Exile is a spell which places a usually invisible mark on the forehead of a person (usually a criminal or alleged criminal) which mystically enforces exile on the recipient. Barring them from entry to the city, town or village to which the mark is attuned. A marked individual feels noticeable unease whenever they attempt to enter or are within the boundaries of the city, town or village. The exile afflicted with the mark must make a Charisma saving throw (DC 30 for a city, DC 25 for a town, and DC 20 for a village) or must attempt to flee the city, town or village in a blind panic. Attempting to enter the place the character has been banned from causes (2d6) psychic damage per day while they are within the confines of the city, town or village. A successful Charisma save will halve the damage, but leave the victim feeling restless and uneasy. Finally an exile within the city, town or village cannot sleep, rest or take any sort of comfort while within its bounds. An exile is considered to have disadvantage on all rolls at all times while within the the confines of the city, town or village. The spell can only be lawfully cast by a member of the ruling community of the city with the blessings of whatever serves as law within its confines. Restraining an individual cursed thus will eventually drive the victim insane (see the optional rules for Insanity in the DMG5e, p. 258). The effects of the spell are permanent unless a Greater Restoration or Wish is cast on the subject or it is removed by a city official with the authority to do so.

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