GameSchool teaches you Pathfinder, with the people who make it.

The Game School crew, along with guest host and actor Kyle Vogt, talked with James L Sutter and Linda Zayas-Palmer about Pathfinder. James is a co-creator of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the Executive Editor for Paizo Publishing. Linda is a 5-star Pathfinder Society GM and developer at Paizo.

We spoke in depth about the history of Pathfinder, the mechanics, and character creation. Even if you’re a fan or a seasoned player or GM, this episode will keep you entertained with some of the “behind the scenes” discussion with James and Linda.

The show went a little long so this one is going to be a two parter. The live play session will appear next week and will run about 20 minutes. The live play was a full-on session that lasted a couple hours. Chad, Kyle, and show producer Peter Bryant joined Satine to round out a full party. The remainder of the live play will appear in the feed this summer when Satine ramps up the After School Specials.

System: Pathfinder
Hosts: Chad Parish, Satine Phoenix, and Kyle Vogt
Guests: James L Sutter and Linda Zayas-Palmer
Duration: 01:04:54

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