Elmore Drawing Demo

The Joy of Drawing With Larry Elmore

It is titled as a simple drawing demonstration for Eastern Kentucky University with Hugo-nominated and legendary RPG artist Larry Elmore. Yet Larry turns it into a full master class seminar as he draws, by touching on a large range of subjects. Dropping tidbits here and there not only on the process of art, but art supplies and his own experience. Depending on how interested the viewer is on art, they may find the four hour and a half long videos slow or overly lengthy. For a beginner artist, or even an advanced one, these are as absorbing as one of James Gurney’s teaching DVDs, such as “How I Paint Dinosaurs.

It may look almost magical as Larry draws right in front of an audience, all while explaining what he has discovered over his long career about processes in order to be able to do this. He doesn’t use anything special to do this. The set up is merely a typical pad on an easel that you might see at any office meeting or Kindergarten and thick markers, such as Sharpies. Of course, it’s still going to take practice, however, with these videos along with his recent book The Complete Elmore II, which showcases over 700 of his drawings in pencil and ink, it’s invaluable information.

Just a few of the gems that are in the first video:

  • The importance of purple
  • Why it’s important to observe and memorize natural details
  • His philosophy on ink drawings and his process
  • How to mix mediums with oil paint to get it to work with you
  • His use of glazes
  • Various anecdotes taken from his experiences and work
  • Computer art and traditional art methods

Larry Elmore has offered classes showing his methods and processes in his home state of Kentucky. If you’ve never made it to one of those or won’t have a chance to experience one, this is very much a taste of what one would be like.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJJLJCP8wLg?list=PLxTmS5UjoJ6IPhXk91-MlFHTMSyga7Zmv&w=560&h=315]
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    Michael R. Smith

    Man, that takes me back. Larry Elmore’s art was such a big part of my Dungeons & Dragons experience growing up. He was a big influence on my own haphazard style during the period and I’m pretty sure I still have a sketchbook or two filled with my attempts to imitate his Dragonlance work. I will need to check this out in more detail. Great article.

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