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Heavy Metal 280

Heavy Metal 280 arrives on newsstands this month, marking the publication’s maiden voyage with Grant Morrison at the helm as their new editor-in-chief. Morrison took the graphic literature world by storm in the 1990s and 2000s, penning notable titles such as The Authority, The Invisibles, and Seaguy.

A longtime periodical source of inspiration for tabletop rpg referees everywhere, Heavy Metal magazine is “the world’s greatest illustrated magazine,” where open-minded readers can go to “explore ancient secrets, forgotten worlds, savage futures, a universe at war, your darkest fears, your deadliest desires.” *

15 features appear in this issue, packed into 134 pages; an anthology to remember. And, the first 2 words appearing on page 135 are “DISCOVER INSPIRATION.”

Highlights include:
“BEACHHEAD” (a memorable battle chant that you’ll want to plug right in to your tabletop rpgs!)
“GODDESS” (a look at Flidais; a goddess and conqueror of Celtic origins!)
“FIENDY” (a chocolate sundae madonna!?)

Heavy Metal magazine is published six times a year, and is intended for mature readers only.


* Text appearing on the issue’s back cover

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