The Magnificent Seven Samurais: Hollywood’s Remake of the Adaptation

Don’t let the title fool you, I’m going to see this movie.  There’s too much nostalgia for me not to.  I watched the original Magnificent Seven around a hundred times with my father when I was young.  As far as vintage westerns get, it is one of the greats.  From the ensemble cast to the unmistakable soundtrack it is an amazing movie.  It wasn’t until later in life I discovered that it was mostly cribbed from an Akira Kurosawa film by the name of Seven Samurai, which is possibly one of the greatest movies of all time.  It is from these shadows that Antoine Fuqua’s remake of the adaptation, The Magnificent Seven, will hope to rise this fall.


They’ve certainly assembled some talent to help fill the shoes of their predecessors.  Chris Pratt in the role of box office gold a la Steve McQueen and Denzel Washington in the role of seasoned Hollywood actor with unquestionable chops a la Yul Brynner.  Peter Sarsgaard taking over for Eli Wallach is almost enough to make me anxious to see this movie (Everyone knows I’m a fan).  The action even looks followable which is a rarity nowadays.  All in all I’m cautiously optimistic for this September’s release date despite the extremely large cowboy boots/geta it will be trying to fill.  The great news is it can’t possibly be worse than the short lived TV series from the late 90’s!


BONUS!  Throwback trailers for contrast!




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