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Turn A Gundam: Mecha meets Steam

Turn A Gundam: Mecha meets Steam

Not many people think ‘Steampunk’ when they think Gundam. The two genres don’t even seem to go together. This didn’t stop the creator of Gundam, Yoshiyuki Tomino, from giving fans a new twist on Gundam in his 1999’s series ‘Turn A Gundam’. This steampunk meets giant mobile suit series delivers something cool for fans of classic Gundam and even offers something for non-Gundam fans. Set in the far future and considered a linking point for all the previous Gundam series; Turn A tells the story of Loran Cehack who is sent to Earth as part of a scouting unit for a pending invasion from the moon. The Earth has reverted back to an Industrial Era reminiscent of World War I, which adds more of a twist. The story is solid and inspirational. The musical score is also magnificent. ‘Turn A Gundam’ does get picked on for its Gundam with a mustache. The Malaysian translation refers to it as a “Gundam with beard”. But the design doesn’t take away from the story. Other mobile suits make appearances including the fan favorite: Zaku II. 

If you are looking for a rainy day series to watch this Summer check it out. Or if you want some inspiration for mixing your steampunk games with your mecha games, it’s worth the look.

(It’s important to note that ‘Turn A Gundam’ was only just officially released in the United States in the Summer of 2015.)


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