By Scott Richard CC BY SA. See Original.

Analog Games in Pop Culture : Exploring the Symmetry of the D6, D60, and D120

You might have heard the news of the D120. Co-creator Henry Segerman talks to Numberphile about the mathematical properties which make it a fair die. What matters is the symmetry. What I liked most about this video is the insight into dice design.


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    Timothy Connolly

    This video is informative, well-edited, and well-written. Thanks for posting this here, Susan! Adding some trigonal trapezohedrons to my dice collection is a must!

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      Susan Silver

      Yes, I’ll admit it. I want a set too! It is so neat to see what other shapes will work. I never really thought about there being alternatives to the traditional polyhedral set. Though since most of those are platonic solids, they are pretty special themselves.

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