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The Convention of the Future: How Technology is Transforming Emerald City Comicon

Daniel Rasmus talks with ReedPop the company responsible for Emerald City Comicon in a rare behind the scenes glimpse. The article focuses on the technology employed by the company to keep lines moving, transactions swift, and gives convention goers an extraordinary experience.

Almost science fiction: How Emerald City Comicon uses technology to create an epic show

A few of the innovations used and planned for the con:

  • Beacons were used to push notifications to attendees phones while walking through the venue based on location. App users were able to get welcome messages, advertisements from sponsors, and alerts regarding their schedule.
  • RFiD bands might be introduced to reduce counterfeit tickets, but also give staff real-time data about the number of people at panels and trends in foot traffic.
  • In the future, they want to build a feature which will allow you to pay for special events through the app without needing to wait in a line.
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