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River Horse wants to steal your baby brother

A small board and war game company, River Horse, started by Alessio Cavatore is starting to snag some interesting licensed properties. One that is greatly anticipated for release this summer is the family friendly Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: The Board Game. Much like the movie, players have to rescue their baby brothers from The Goblin King. The board and the tokens are all beautifully rendered, making this a worthy addition to those who collect Labyrinth, Jim Henson or David Bowie memorabilia. Set for a release in the summer of this year, makes it a nice way to show that despite his death earlier in the year, David Bowie still lives.

Hoggle token

Hoggle. Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: The Board Game © River Horse and The Jim Henson Co.

The game will be aimed at ages 6 and up for 2-4 players. So while younger kids may not appreciate the work that’s going into this, fans of Labyrinth and Henson in general, will love the detail that Cavatore has been carefully putting into the game. Whatever the playability ends up being like, this is most obviously a labor of love and craftsmanship that will please die hard fans.

More images of the game can be found at River Horse‘s website. Even more interesting is the River Horse Facebook page, which includes more images and the creator’s work-in-progress photos as well as commentary.

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