Excerpt from Wormy Dragon Magazine #79, April 1983

From Dave Trampier’s Wormy, a font made from the runes of the mage Gremorly

David Trampier is a name that will forever be entwined with the history of gaming, from his iconic cover artwork for the original AD&D Players Handbook to design of board games like TSR’s Divine Right & Gorgonstar’s Titan, to his long-running comic in Dragon magazine, Wormy.

Wormy was a fantasy comic without equal, both in its eye-popping artwork and wonderfully told storylines. While the comic centered on the cigar-chomping, pool-hustling dragon named Wormy and his imp companion Irving, one of the most memorable supporting characters was a fearsome wizard named Gremorly.

Gremorly appears fairly early in the series, freeing an ancient monster, Solomoriah, or “the Shadowcat,” from a 350,000-year imprisonment and binds him into service to slay Wormy. Some 30 issues later, he arrives at Wormy’s hoard, drawing a circular portal in the air, a star of Schläfli built from runes of Trampier’s own devising.

In May of 2015, Denis Moskowitz redrew the portal, posting several formats on his own site, where you can download PDF posters of his own versions.

Rune Circles

Runic portal posters by Denis Moskowitz

And now, Paolo Greco has created a font that you can download for free with the runes from Gremorly’s portal.

Here’s the mapping of the font itself (click to go to the download page):

PG Tramp Runes, by Paolo Greco

PG Tramp Runes, by Paolo Greco

Paolo says “If you want to use it for anything commercial, don’t. I’m working on a better, saner version.”

There’s a lot to discover in the various writing systems Trampier drew in his different comics, from Gremorly’s runes to the demonic language he speaks with his familiar, and the magical language he uses to cast spells. Jason Zavoda and Tony Rowe have both delved into Trampier’s legacy, and there are doubtless many hidden gems in his artwork still to be explored. If anyone ever manages to translate the languages of Wormy, let us know.


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    If you can get in contact with Paolo Greco, let him know that the investor certificate image that Denis Moskowitz put up last month on his magic circle page has more runic symbols around its border, that he can use to pad out the font.

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      Great point! I thought about including that image in this post, but I didn’t want to use it without asking. I think, from reading the other Paolo and Denis’ blogs, that they’re in touch. Can’t wait to see the next version of the runes font.

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