Licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0) “Post-apocalyptic city" by Ty’Onah Gallman

Strange Truths – Radioactive Wild Boars of Japan

Wild radioactive boars are rampaging around northern Japan near Fukushima. This story falls solidly under the category of “if you can’t make something gameable out of this you aren’t even trying”. The beasts are savaging farms, breeding uncontrollably, eating radiation tainted crops, and hunters are piling the carcasses up faster than they can be safely disposed of. While reading it I was having flashbacks to the SyFy channel’s notorious Saturday programming. For those of you who have never experienced it the programming consisted of a day long stream of “Nature Hates Us”, “Meddling in God’s Domain”, and “Improbable Mutant Animal” movies of painfully low quality.

The article is the kind of true tale of the weird that lends itself to analog-gaming scenarios ranging from steampunk adventure to modern horror plot to the dastardly plot of a silver age super villain. There’s even something for the fantasy minded if you want to go back to the basics and restore the orcs of your campaign world to their former porcine glory. Season your radioactive wild boars to taste with a variety of traits from increased intellect, great size, semi-upright stances, and rudimentary tool use for instant non-human antagonists capable of challenging your players. Let fly your imagination and if your group is anything like mine prepare yourself for an endless litany of pig-related puns.

Happy hunting.

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