Through the clouds
The space shuttle Endeavor leaves the atmosphere on its way to the International Space Station, May 16, 2011. NASA

The last survivors escape

As the oceans began to boil, wireless sets around the globe crackled and spit static. A recorded loop was the only transmission any radio could pick up. The calm voice repeated its instructions to a dead planet. The sets that were tuned to the global emergency channel before their operators dropped lifeless before them still spoke.

“In our final hours, we have no more instructions for you, our brothers and sisters. You may come above ground or out-of-doors if you wish. The atmosphere is not safe, but neither are our shelters any more. If you are near loved ones, take this time to reconcile and make peace. If you are with strangers, simply comfort each other. If you are alone, know that you are not alone. We are all together. Know that our seed ships have escaped the planet safely, and our race will not be forgotten. We return to the universe. Message repeats. In our final hours…”

Breaking through the clouds, the final seed ship left the poisonous atmosphere, carrying its sleeping cargo.

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