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Like a well-oiled machine, THE MAGICIANS on SyFy continues to raise the stakes, as its protagonists inch ever closer to a showdown with the Beast, if only they can somehow navigate their way towards Fillory, via the vexing Neitherlands.  Meanwhile, that cheering sound you recently heard was the show’s ecstatic legions of fanatical viewers leaping for joy, upon learning that SyFy would renew this “contemporary fantasy drama” for another season, to be aired in 2017.  In this era of here-today-gone-tomorrow one-and-done seasons of television programming, SyFy boldly sticks to their guns with this deliciously dark tale.

If much of the tale’s territory seems familiar to you, it should.  THE MAGICIANS echoes both the well-known C. S. Lewis tales and the J. K. Rowling tales, with plenty of adult situations thrown in for good measure.  While the grandfather clock serves much the same purpose that Lewis’ famous wardrobe does, Brakebills College is quite different from Rowling’s Hogwarts.  There are twists-and-turns galore in THE MAGICIANS; certainly enough of them to keep readers of the source material off-balance and guessing what might happen next.  Lev Grossman’s captivating trilogy of novels, upon which this television series is based, is also a must-read for those who enjoy fantasy and D&D.  THE MAGICIANS is peppered with D&D easter eggs too, like so many sprinkles atop an ice cream sundae.  There’s even an appearance by Asmodeus, and a casting of a magic missile spell.  If these aren’t the most gloriously nerdy easter eggs around, they ought to at least be included in every conversation about such things.  As for the rest of the show’s easter eggs…well…happy hunting!

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Warning:  The review includes spoilers.

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