Excerpt from LARP Trek #4 Comic by Josh Millard

When the holodeck breaks – LARP Trek!

The Recreation Room from Star Trek TAS

The Recreation Room, precursor to the Holodeck — from Star Trek The Animated Series

The holodeck is one of Star Trek’s greatest plot devices. Gene Roddenberry originally intended to introduce it in the third season of the original series, but was thwarted by budget constraints. As a result, opportunities to place Spock & Kirk in period garb required time-travel plots—but the introduction of the “recreation room” in Star Trek: The Animated Series was the beginning of a long-standing trope that would let crewmembers throughout Federation history visit any place and time from the comfort of a Starfleet vessel.

But what if the holodeck breaks? The crew of NCC-1701-D and E have active imaginations, so do they really need all that technology to role-play? Josh Millard doesn’t think so. He’s created the brilliant webcomic LARP Trek — “Boldly LARPing Where No Crew Has LARPed Before.”

The crew of the Enterprise take on their greatest challenge yet — an out-of-service holodeck — by exploring an ancient Earth custom Geordi calls a “role-playing game”.

It started out, as many great ideas do, with a bunch of geeks drinking around a fire. What if Deep Space Nine wasn’t a real thing that happened in the Star Trek universe at all? What if it was actually a role-playing game, with the crew from The Next Generation playing the characters? Picard as Sisko, Crusher as Dax, Riker as Dr. Bashir?

What came out of that drunken night’s discussion was an idea that sat around for a year or so, and then, in 2012, it became LARP Trek. The comic ran for two years, winding down near the end of 2014, but never officially ending. The last episode was #198, but who knows, maybe someday it will pick up again. In the meantime, there are almost 200 great strips to read and enjoy.

I suggest jumping in from the beginning, although jumping in media res at strip #4 works fine, since that’s where they decide to begin the game. Enjoy!

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