Munchkin playmats are coming in April

Some new products for Munchkin fans are coming in April in the form of 14″ x 28″ fabric playmats. Titled Spyke Gets Suckered and Flower Cashes In, they look like a great way to add a little organization to your chaos.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Munchkin product without a unique attribute, so anyone using the Spyke mat gets one Cheat! per game, and the Flower mat gives its player the chance to earn some extra gold when selling items.

There’s some truly epic artwork from Edwin Huang and Ian McGinty, and since they’re fabric, hopefully they’ll last a long time and survive the occasional Dr. Pepper spillage.

Munchkin playmats at Steve Jackson games



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    Timothy Connolly

    Wow… I am long overdue for another round of Munchkin. This post reminded me that I ought to remedy that soon. One of the things about being a 1st edition AD&D loyalist (and a DM besides,) is that I never set enough time aside for the enjoyment of other games. I really need to work on that.

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